UWC Day Virtual Spider Chat

    UWC Spider Chats are an opportunity to connect one-on-one with an international admission officer who can speak to the application process and adjusting to life at UR. Spider Chats are non-evaluative and are an optional component to the admission process, but a great way to get to know Richmond!

    Each of our admission officers work with different regions of the world, but we're all equally prepared and excited to speak with you. Please pick the date and time that is most convenient for your schedule, even if this does not align with the officer assigned to your school. All chats hosted over Zoom in Eastern Standard Time. 

    Amanda Lee Gearhart

    UWC Pearson
    UWC ISAK Japan
    UWC Li Po Chun
    UWC Changshu
    UWC SE Asia (Dover/East)
    UWC Thailand
    Beth Anne Spacht

    UWC Adriatic
    UWC Atlantic College
    UWC Maastricht
    UWC Mostar
    UWC Red Cross Nordic
    UWC Robert Bosch
    Erica Riesbeck

    UWC East Africa (Moshi and Arusha)
    UWC Southern Africa
    UWC Mahindra
    Daesha Hordge

    UWC Costa Rica

    Michael Pina

    UWC Dilijan

    Please select a Spider Chat time using the calendar below. Once a slot has been taken, the option will appear as full. After you sign up for a chat, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and a link you will use to access your Spider Chat. 
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    Not Scheduled